Stuck for easy dinner recipes or just looking to try something new? Then you’re in right place! Eggs have collected a huge range of easy, tasty and healthy recipes to help you out in the kitchen. So lets get cracking!


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    Quick & Easy

    Pressed for time? These quick easy meals will be on the table in less then 15 minutes!

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    Dinner Recipes

    If you’ve got hungry mouths to feed or you want to impress your friends with a delicious healthy meal then check out these quick and easy recipes.

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    Lunch Recipes

    Make lunchtimes tasty and healthy with these tempting easy recipes.

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    Easy Family Meals

    Egg-cellent recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner that are sure to keep everyone at the table happy and full!

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    Vegos can find some tasty treats and easy meal ideas here.

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    World Recipes

    Eggs are enjoyed all over the world, so why not try some great recipes from Greece, Morocco or Japan?

  • Omlette1

    Breakfast Recipes

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    Meals for one

    Eating solo? These easy recipes are great to spoil yourself with.

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    Feeling peckish? Satisfy your snack attack with these appetising ideas.

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    Treat your sweet tooth to our cheeky pavlovas, muffins and biscuits!

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    Find out about some inventive and easy lunchboxes ideas. How about an antipasto frittata or our three-way sandwiches?

  • Omelette

    Ten Minute Breakfast Challenge