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    Our new breakfast campaign

    To make Aussies even more aware of the benefits of getting an egg-start to the day, we’re launching a new campaign highlighting the nutritional advantage eggs have over other popular breakfast foods including porridge, baked beans, wheat biscuits, wheat flakes and puffed rice. We’re eggs-cited about our new ads and hope you are too.

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    Unbeatable for breakfast – the stats don’t lie!

    When it comes to breakfast protein, eggs really are unbeatable. Two eggs on toast beats a bowl of porridge by 48%, baked beans on toast by 32%, and a bowl of wheat biscuits by 26%.

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    Brekky Recipes

    Give yourself an egg-start with these great breakfast ideas. They’ll not only taste great, they’ll fill you up with energy and googness.

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    Top Recipes

    Eggs are unbeatable for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here are a few of our favourite recipes this month.

  • Pregnancy


    Being so full of goodness, eggs are simply amazing when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

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    Discover the truth behind the cholesterol beat-up. And lots more hard-boiled facts about eggs.