Facts and Tips

For something so small, there sure is a lot to know about eggs. Here, you’ll find the answers to all those questions that have been keeping you awake at night. Like, 'how long do eggs last?' And, 'should eggs be refrigerated?' Plus, there are some great 'cooking with eggs' ideas and 'how to' videos. We’ll even show you what’s inside an egg!

Facts and Tips

  • The Tick

    1. High in Folate

    Eggs are an unbeatable source of folate for mums to be.

  • Fully Loaded

    2. Fully Loaded

    Eggs contain 11 different vitamins and minerals.

  • Quality Protein

    3. Quality Protein

    Eggs have the highest nutritional quality protein of all food sources.

  • Shell Shock

    4. Shell Shock

    The surface of each eggshell can contain as many as 17,000 tiny pores.

  • Solid for Seniors

    5. Solid for Seniors

    Due to the variety of nutrients found in eggs, they are an ideal food to include in the diets of older adults.

  • Heart Health

    6. Heart Health

    A source of omega-3 fats (the healthy fats), which can have significant benefits for the heart and blood vessels.

  • We Love Cartons

    7. We Love Cartons

    Eggs are kept at their freshest when stored in their cartons, in the fridge.

  • Treat Acne

    8. Treat Acne

    It is suggested that eating eggs may help treat acne as they lower the glycaemic load of the diet.

  • Aussie Farms

    9. Aussie Farms

    There are about 301 commercial egg farmers in Australia.